Sutter Homes, Inc

10 Reasons Why

Here are the top reasons we stand apart from other luxury home builders and set the “Sutter Homes Standard.”

1 | Customized to your family’s wants and needs.
It’s a unique home that reflects your family’s personality and lifestyle–not what a big corporation thinks it should be.

2 | Easy to maintain.
Using the latest advances in materials, Sutter Homes custom homes exhibit little, or no, maintenance components.

3 | Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Our team of architects, HVAC, insulation and building material experts evaluate and guide each individual project. This ensures maximum health, energy and material utilization, resulting in a high performance home that saves you energy costs.

4 | Smart.
Built with your choice of state of the art security, lighting, entertainment and information systems. Your new home is wired for today and tomorrow’s needs.

5 | Beautiful.
Guided by a great team of architects, designers and a seasoned builder, we incorporate the most reliable and unique materials and finishes into the finished project.

6 | Safe.
We pay particular attention to the choice of paints and finishes, insulation materials and security systems we install. You can rest assured your family will breathe easier and sleep safer in a Sutter Home.

7 | Built by craftsmen.
Led by a hands-on builder who always makes building decisions based on the best way to build a home, Tom Sutter leads his team of professionals through every phase of the building process. He knows every subcontractor and supplier on a project and most of their families as well. These relationships, built over time, have everything to do with Sutter Homes quality and craftsmanship.

8 | Efficient Selection Process.
We know building a custom home can be intimidating and time consuming with today’s busy lifestyles. Sutter Homes has simplified the selection process with technology and over 35 years of experience refining the decision making process. We make design and construction as easy and smooth as possible.

9 | Warranted.
Should anything unforeseen happen to your home or any of its components, rest assured the products we use are of superior quality and their warranties are solid.

10 | An investment.
In today’s economic climate, your home is one of the best investments you can make. Built to last by one of Northern Kentucky’s top luxury home builders with a wonderful reputation, a Sutter home commands higher resale prices in today’s home market.