Navigating A Custom Home Build

In over 40 plus years of building custom homes, we’ve never built the same house twice. For us, building isn’t simply another house with a new set of floor-plans. Building is were we enter into a long lasting partnership with other families to help them build homes where their children can grow and they can live their best possible lives for the years to come. Building custom will probably be one of the biggest emotional and financial investments you will ever make, so getting it right means less stress and more joy. Here are some simple guidelines.

What really is “custom”? Building custom means that from the floorpan designs to the last finishing touches, the home is designed and built to the styles, wanted, and needs that suit you and your family best.

What comes first, Designer, Architect, or Builder? In our experience, a quality custom builder should have the first two on their staff. Designers and Architects are very important pieces of a custom home, but don’t necessarily know what things cost. To work within a budget, a competent builder pulls it all together.

How should I choose a builder? Do your homework! Ask for prior clients, talk to subcontractors, interview several and choose. You will be working closely together with this building team over the next year or so of your life. You’ll need to trust them, like them, and respect them. What should I spend? Get pre-approval from a bank you trust and then create your extras list —landscaping, window treatments, moving expenses, etc. Share the bottom line with your builder. If everyone is working toward the same number, overage pitfalls can be avoided.

What about allowances? Our advice is to be an educated consumer. Know what things cost. Shop appliances, tile stores, and cabinet companies. Be informed on what you like and what it costs. Don’t sign a contract until you know what your allowances will buy.

Building custom homes is our passion. However, the building business is not for the faint of heart. Without a seasoned builder at the helm through mud season, ice storms, subcontractor re-scheduling, design and material changes, financial peaks and valleys etc., it can be challenging to navigate. But with the right builder, you can reduce the anxiety and weather all storms with confidence throughout the entire process.

If you are considering starting on the road to building custom and have more questions about the process, or would like more information, please feel free to give Sutter Homes a call. We would love to schedule a walk through with you at our Office/Model in Hebron, KY and discuss your building dream home

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